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Glossary of Leather Terms

Each season brings new leathers with new names and characteristics onto the market; here are some of our commonly used leather terms:

Leather that is tumbled in vats so the dye is completely absorbed by the skin. There is no other coloring agents or process, thus the finished leather tends to look and feel more "natural" - the unique markings and character of each skin are apparent. By way of analogy, this treatment is akin to the "staining" of wood. Usually, the best quality hides are reserved for this process, as aniline leathers are valued highest by consumers.

Corrected Grain Leather
Leather whose natural surface texture has been altered.

A dyeing process in which leather is immersed in dye and tumbled in a rotating drum, allowing maximum dye penetration.

The application of color, either by spraying, hand rubbing or immersion.

A process in which design is added to leather by pressure to alter or correct the surface resulting in uniform imitation grain.

Any post tanning treatment, such as: dyeing, rolling, pressing, spraying, lacquering, antiquing, waxing, buffing, embossing, glazing, waterproofing, or flame proofing.

The distinctive pore and wrinkle pattern of a hide; may be either natural or embossed.

A term used to describe the softness or feel of leather.

Skin of large animals, usually cattle.

A generic term for all hides and skins which have been tanned and finished.

A term used for leatherized sheepskins.

Aniline leathers on which the surface has been brushed to create a texture similar to that of velvet. It is often mistaken for suede, but suede is the flesh side of a piece of leather while Nubuc is an effect that is done to the grain side, making it considerably stronger.

A luster that develops with time and use.

Leather that has been sprayed with a surface color in addition or instead of the dye process and is analogous to the "painting" of wood. While generally less appealing to the touch than aniline leather, pigmented skins are required for applications such as motorcycle leathers where durability is the key consideration.

Premium select
A term describing hides with a minimal amount of scars or blemishes, usually less than 5% of all hides. Jez uses only premium select hides.

Refers to the removal of scars and blemishes from a hide by buffing.

Leathers which are a combination of both pigmented and aniline dyed; a very light pigment is added to even out the color and increase the durability.

Underlying layers of leather usually used for suedes.

Suede is the underneath portion of a hide after the splitting process. Compared to the durable top grain, this layer of the hide is much thinner.

Treating raw hides to become nonperishable.

A process in which hides are tumbled in a rotating drum to soften the hand or enhance the grain.