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Types of Leather

It is very important to review the different types of skins and finishes that are available for producing leather garments. Today, commercially viable skins, by order of demand come from:

  • Lamb and Sheep
  • Cows
  • Pigs

Each skin offers its own pluses and minuses and each has its own niche in the marketplace.

Lambskin is a very soft, luxurious leather. Its natural lightweight layers give it a distinctive, velvety touch, which caters well to form fitting garments. Lambskin is one of the softest, thinnest and most supple of leathers. Lambskins particular fiber structure and natural characteristics blend themselves perfectly to today's fashion leather garments. This is actually Jez's main material.

Sheepskin refers to the hide of a sheep used with the wool still attached. Usually, the wool side faces into the garment, but it can also be made reversible. This is the warmest leather available.

Shearling is quite similar in appearance to sheepskin, the term shearling refers to hides from lambs which are generally much lighter in weight then sheepskin hides and much softer. Although they may be lighter, shearling coats are just as warm as the heavier sheepskin.

Cowhide, at the higher quality end, makes a more beautiful product than pig; but the natural defects and other characteristics of the skin make cowhide only truly viable in black. Cowhide as a category covers a wide spectrum of textures and quality, but generally, it is quite durable and easy to care for. Cowhide leather will maintain its integrity, taking on the shape of the wearer, making it more comfortable with everyday use.

Pig can make beautiful suede but it is not a terribly nice-grained leather. In the past, they have been very closely associated with promotionally priced garments.

Leather Finishing

There are basically three ways to finish a plain piece of leather:

  • Pigmented
  • Semi-aniline
  • Aniline

These can be compared to the treating of wood.

Pigment finishes are much the same as painting wood; the end product is one which is completely protected from the elements. It is identifiable as a piece of wood, but the natural beauty of the wood is completely hidden.

Semi-aniline finishes are much like putting heavy coats of stain on a piece of wood. The wood is protected; some of its natural faults are hidden, but one can still get a sense of the beauty of the raw material.

Aniline leather can be compared to wood that is stained and wiped. There is very little protection against the elements. However, you have the desired color and all the natural beauty of the raw material is allowed to shine through.

Just as with wood, the less finish that is applied to a skin of leather, the better quality of skin is required.

Once the skins arrive at a Jez garment-manufacturing factory, a great level of expertise and care goes into creating our garments. Our experienced cutters must sort and match several skins for each garment that is being made. The skins must be selected for matching shades and similar appearance, so that the finished garment "looks" and "feels" right.

Each garment must be carefully cut by an experienced cutter, as no machine is able to measure the difference in shade from one panel to another, nor recognize any faults that must be cut around.

Several stages follow the cutting of the leather, thus producing a high-quality garment which Jez has become famous for.